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PMD . Silver Fang 2.0 by Hawkein PMD . Silver Fang 2.0 by Hawkein
Well, with a new arc beginning with PMD that means it's time for a new app for Silver Fang! Well, lets get started with their updated information!

Update 1 : Well, not much of a change but added in the new items we get from E4 and M5, changed the app color to the default and fixed a couple problems that were bothering me. XP
Update 2 : M5 results are out and along with that awards were shown. Silver Fang got some (yay!) and they have been added to the application now.
Update 3 : Added the cool extras to the app with Tasks and finally updated to show the items moved to Kanga storage (man that thing was needed). This team really doesn't seem to use their vouchers or scrolls do they? I am planning to do some of these cool tasks (great way for more focus on character development. Also, I know they were brown originally but I hated how they stuck out so I altered the colors to better fit in with the rest of the app.
Update 4 : First batch of tasks have been done, so I've updated that and it seems Cael has a new item (which he keeps in his scarf). Maybe it will come in handy someday?
Update 5 : WHOA BIG UPDATE! All art on the app has been changed, and it looks like someone has evolved at well! And yes, someone's move pool has been altered as well, why that happened will have to be explained another time though.
Update 6 : New team member has arrived! Seems with Taislla this is finally a full team!


Team Leader
Abilities: Compoundeyes / Unnerve / Swarm
At a height of just four inches Eva is the smallest member of the team but also the pokemon who acts as leader of the group. With a sharp mind and tongue she can quickly come up with plans for a fight, or come up with the best responce to piss off someone she is annoyed with.

With a serious trust issue she tries to keep quiet around others, to the point you might not even realize she is around till she desides to respond to something. Growing up without much of the healthy social interation most get as kids she can get on other pokemon's nerves easily because of how rude or (for lack of a better term) b*tchy she can be. While sometimes (read that as often) her rude behavior is totally on purpose there are some moments where she does something that most would see as wrong and she just doesn't realize it thanks to her up bringing.

While it can be near impossible for a pokemon to be seen as a friend in Eva's eyes, once you become that she is extreamly protective of them. This is most seen with Dusty, who if he is seriously hurt or his life is at risk she will show a lot more emotion then is normally seen with the mask she commonly wears. VERY FEW others are at this point with Eva, and it can be hard to tell if she feels that way about someone or not.

She is the youngest member of the team, (twelve in human years) though normally she acts much older so guessing her age might be hard for many.

Fun Fact 1 : She is by far the strongest of her team power wise, especially with her discharge attack that can hit multiple targets at once. At the same time though she is very weak and vunerable to physical attacks since any opponent will be atleast twice as large as her, normally much more so. While she can be quick on her feet (able to dodge attacks well) a well aimed physical attack could do some very serious damage.
Fun Fact 2 : She loves being in high places and will often be seen riding on Dusty's head or back, of even on one of the few other pokemon she trusts.
Fun Fact 3 : Born into a life of theifery Eva is a skilled lock picker and underneith her bandanna in a hidden pocket she has a pair of extendable metal lock picks. They are her most prized possession and will snap at who ever risks damaging them or even touches them.

Current Accessories : Silver Gem Bandana (Gem design altered to team symbol)
Old Accessories : Blue bandana (burned to ash in this side story)

Mission Medals : "I have no friends" (Cheer up! You'll soon find your happiness!), Gold Attendance Award, Mission 4 First Place


Team Partner
Abilities: Intimidate / Sand Rush / Scrappy
As best friend to Eva, it is obvious from the get go that Dusty is a herdier with a lot of patience for others. Very kind and honest, he is the kind of guy that can easily become friends with anyone. Almost always smiling he is willing to help out those who need it without asking for something in return.

But just cause he is a kind and easily liked guy doesn't mean he won't snap at you if you do something he doesn't like or thinks is wrong. He will defend his friends and is especially protective of Eva, who he is very close to and is like a big brother to her. He will defend her agenst what others say about her actions, then talk to her later about what she did wrong.

The easiest way to make him happy is to supply a new item to his ever growing collection of shineys. While he does his best to hide it, Dusty is a bit of a Kleptomaniac with eyes that are always drawn to some kinda shiney object. It doesn't have to be valuable in any way, most of his collection are just pretty rocks he's found, some peices of metal that still had a shine to them, even interesting looking flowers. Bribery gets you a long way with him, as an object that interests him is obvious since his eyes won't leave an item once he's seen it.

Even though he is a nice guy, that doesn't mean he feels wrong for stealing normally. He sees no problem in it, as long as there are reasons for doing what he is doing. Sometimes he can be seen as slow in the head while really he just prefures to think everything through, rushing isn't his way normally which makes him a good partner for Eva since she can make the quick desisions that need to be done but he can add the logical backing to things that need more time to be figured out.

Due to a rather traumatic experience when he was a small pup Dusty has a problem with fire. It was much worse when he was a lillipup, freezing up at the sight of it and sometimes going into such a bad panic attack that he risked passing out from inability to breath. Since evolving he has gotten better, able to keep from freezing up in most situations. He is still uncomfortable around most fire but the only time he will really panic now is from sudden and/or out of control fires. This can still make him freeze but luckly he can bring himself out of these episodes easyer and can deal with the panic as long as he has something to focus on.

Age wise he is the middle 'mon of the team (13 in human years), he can act mature and wise sometimes but he is still a puppy. He gets excited over little things and it doesn't take a lot to make him happy.

Fun Fact 1 : He has a very sensitive nose, something that can be useful or a bother mattering on the situation. He can pick out the scent of those he knows best in a crowd, but his scense of small can be overpowered by strong or really gross scents.
Fun Fact 2 : He loves food. Any kind really as long as it smells good, he isn't picky really.
Fun Fact 3 : Physically he is the strongest of the team, able to take out opponents much larger then him with a couple good hits. His weakness though if fighting those with long range attacks since he can only fight close up. He relies on Eva for all ranged fighting.

Current Accessories : Plain Black Collar (Button with team symbol added after E4 gift)
Old Accessories : Blue bandana (lost during chaos in M5)

Mission Medals : Gold Attendance Award, Mission 4 First Place


Team Member
Abilities: Blaze / Solar Power
Far less 'Rogue like' then the rest of the team, Cael brings a voice of not wanting to steal or do wrong in the group. He regularly tries to think up ways to do a mission that don't involve committing crimes (a hard thing to do as a rogue). Honestly, if he had been given the choice of guild to join, Rogue's would have been the last.

Regularly he butts heads with Eva on what should be done during certain events, and he is often frustrated or even enraged by the attitude she gives to himself and others.

Growing up in a difficult environment it greatly effected his self-esteem. Though he has severe problems with self hate and doubt as a charmander he has grown to push past thoughts feelings of hate. They can still surface during stressful events or when he has made a large mistake that has effected others, but he tries to pull out of those dark thoughts before they overtake him.

The oddest thing about Cael's battle style is his use of Hidden Power, which for him is linked to water and he by far the easiest attack for him to utilize.

Age wise he is the oldest of the team (eighteen in human years), and sometimes adds a more mature balance to the two younger team members even though their beliefs sometimes conflict with each other.

Fun Fact 1 : His biggest dream is to someday be able to swim. Being a charmeleon and his life connected to his tail flame the ability for this dream to come true seems rather difficult. Even so he enjoys at least putting his feet in the water or being out in the rain (as long as his tail is safely covered.
Fun Fact 2 : Cael's flame charge attack is directly linked to his emotional state, so in order to use it he has to be in a heightened state like when fighting. The flames for the attack originate from his tail and after using the attack it leaves him drained of energy. He's training to try and lower the backlash of using the attack.

Current Accessories : Blue scarf, Dazzling Cloak (button with team symbol from E4 gift), Bandages
Current Items : Scarlet Orb - A beautiful orb that emits a blindingly bright flash. Invokes Tail Glow when used.
Old Accessories : Blue fedora (Traded for Cloak)

Mission Medals : Mission 4 First Place


Taislla (T-eye-ss-lah)
Newest Team Member
Abilities: Keen Eye / Stall / Prankster
A rather lay back sableye who is quick to get angry, Taislla is always up for meeting new people and after the first meeting she has normally determined to herself if she likes or dislikes the pokemon. She can be quite blunt, hating to cut corners and if she has something to say she won't just keep her mouth shut about it.

Even though she has a temper once she starts battling she will focus on the task at hand. Her style mainly consists of utalizing fire and ice punch together (ice punch with left fist and fire with right). This way of battling she has had since she was 'born' and works to always improve her battling skills. While she is fighting she will often wait for her opponent to make the first move, studying their movments to quickly dodgge the incoming attack and strike back with a swift and well aimed hit.

Lacking memories from her past besides painful feelings of regret she often travels to try and find answers to who she was. She is never in a rush to get moving though, wanting to make sure she has a firm grasp of who she is now because she doesn't want knowledge about who she once was to effect herself in the present.

She first met Eva back before event seven, having saved her and Kay from a couple thugs. After that she stuck around regularly talking to Eva and being a kind of comfort to the Joltik who was seriously missing Dusty but felt uncomfortable talking to the other mons she lived with. After a while she started harrassing Eva about joining Silver Fang, and the Joltik finally agreed after Taislla helped them out in the July Tasks.

Fun Fact 1: She hates it when pokemon touch or get close to the cracked gem on her chest. Hates it to the point she will attack who ever that pokemon is.
Fun Fact 2: The cut on her ear and scar on her arm were there when she was 'born' though they don't bother her at all.
Fun Fact 3: The first pokemon she met after being 'born' was Sekou who she sees as a father figure.

Current Accessories : Red scarf, sporty bag with team symbol button
Current Items : Self-Defence Ring - This ring can be used to prick someone with a dose of poison, equivalent to Poison Sting.
Old Accessories : None

Mission Medals : None


Used Inventory: (Items used up and are no longer on the app)
7 Accessory Voucher (From Missions 1-7)
- Voucher 1 used to get Dusty's Plain Collar
- Voucher 2 used to get Cael's Fedora (E4 Gift)
- Voucher 3 used to get Eva's Gem Bandana (E4 Gift)
- Voucher 4 used to gain access to Kanga storage.
- Voucher 5 used for Cael's bandages
- Voucher 6 used for Taislla's sporty bag

6 Evolution Scrolls (Events 1-6)
- Scroll 1 used to evolve Dusty
- Scroll 2 traded to allow Cael to join Silver Fang
- Scroll 3 used for Cael's evolution

Used Task Points
- 8 points used after July Tasks to allow Taislla to join the team.


Friends: Bandit Bros, Team Spark, Acrobatics, SoulSong, Frostbloom, Time Bandits


_____|||.. Arc One ..|||_____
Mission One . Stealing from Snorlax
Event One . Guild Appreciation Day
Mission Two . Taking out Slasher
Event Two . Fireworks Bonanza
Mission Three . Food and Fake
Event Three . The Doctor's Orders
Mission Four . Friends or Mission
Side Story One . Aftermath
Event Four . Snowflake Gifts
Side Story Two . Sneasel's Revenge
Mission Five . Ice Cold Inferno

_____|||.. Arc Two ..|||_____
Mission Six . Pilfers of the Past
Side Story Three . Gathering Courage
Event Six . Growing Apart & Saving Sophie
Mission Seven . Healing Scars & Threats and Deceit
Event Seven . Letters of Comfort
Monthly Task(s) . January
Mission Eight . Burning Words
Monthly Task(s) . July


Other Stuff : Ref Sheet (outdated), Arc One Application
My Other Teams: Dusk Star

Tumblr Ask Blog

One Final Note : If anyone wants to cameo Silver Fang in an event or mission you do not have to ask me first. Cameos are always allowed and if you do have Silver Fang show up in your work toss me a note so I can go see it and give it the attention it deserves!
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Thank you though. ^^ He needed a hat (charmander's heads are annoying for me to draw).
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