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April 8, 2010
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Arrany the God of Light by Hawkein Arrany the God of Light by Hawkein
So today is Karu's birthday, last night I finally got to work with her birthday present. XP I do love how this came out all together, lines, colors, shading, the background is even tolorable for me to look at. Its her character Arrany, the original who became a god. Also someone I'm a total fan of.

Download for full wallpaper version. Its sized to fit the birthday girl's screen. XP

EDIT - Changed the grass cause karu's comment annoyed me. XD *pokes her*

Arrany (c) :icontsukino-hikaru:
Art (c) Me
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YAY Arrany!! :D This looks great!
Even though I know a different Arrany now, still this looks awesome!

The shading is amazing and so are the clouds!!!! <3 <3
*glomps* Thank you Ceci~~~! Yes of course we both know a different Arrany now, but the god Arrany is still amazingly cool. *total fangirl of him* XD

Shading and clouds took me for ever but I'm so glad with how they turned out. *hugs and noms* You need to get on more often miss snail~
Xaylyia is a total fangirl of him too ;)
Xay: >////////<!!!!

Seriously this does look great. I love drawing clouds and love to see other people's clouds owo!~ SO nice!~

I shall try. Last few weeks of class+mtac+driving=time? what is that? I am to the point where I go "do I want to shower or finish this project." XD;; Sorry I've been so busy D8
Well of course Xay is a fangirl of Arrany~ XP *pokes her* But she is so adorable with him. And parents teaseing the kids is entertaining too~

XD; I actually hate drawing clouds... but I'm glad on how they came out.

*hugs a bunch* Right you are on last few weeks as well, atleast when classes are done you will have at least a little time to relax.
Xay: >///////////<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *blood rushes to head, falls over*
It is fun to tease her. and they ARE SO CUTE. I still love this picture!

XD I think I enjoy traditionally drawing clouds not digitally... XD;; <3

Yes. I get to relax in a few short weeks. taking a 3 week summer course, but it should be easy~
XP They are majorly adorable. *pokes Xay* XPP Come on you know you like Arrany~~

XD; I can't draw clouds traditionally, cause even digitally I mess up so much and abuse the undo button.

Yay for relaxing time~ *hugs* I can't wait cause I miss you sooooo much Ceci!
Xay: .////. I do like him. You all are just embarrassing!!!! *RED RED RED*

XD ah the undo button is great~

I have been thinking about the pokemon rp a lot! Maybe I'll get on tonight to babble <3
XP Well thats cause we love you Xay~ And cause you are so easy to tease.

Yes the undo button is my best friend when drawing on the computer. I always miss it when I'm drawing with pencil and paper.

Oooooh~! Yay for maybe seeing Ceci tonight! *tackle hugs*
DEAR GODS SO AWESOME(PUN). Your lineart and shading have reached new levels, zyo-dear~.

Also:, i LIKED the radioactive grass...*pout*
XP Thank you very much Sho~ *hugs* I think its the drawing classes I have twice a week this sememter in school that have helped me. XP Since I draw a minimum of 5 pages in my sketch book a week.

And sorry but the grass... meh its Karu's present.
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